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Public enquiry suspended - send in your comments!

posted 19 Apr 2012, 04:05 by j25wigan
We thought all the hard work would have been paid off by now and the results published... but...

The public enquiry into Wigan Councils Core Strategy still continues.

State of play – please help

You may have received a letter from the council or email asking for your comments on the new National Planning Policy Framework. It is important you respond to this via email, letter or phone by 16th May.
The new policy has been released which supersedes previous planning guidance notes (PPG’s) that the Core Strategy was following. The new guidance explains how Wigan Council can draw up plans and allow planning applications. Within these guidance notes are guidelines for green belt use and traveller sites.

What this now means is that the public enquiry/examination will now be based on the new guidelines and not the old ones.
Anyone who objected during the consultation phases last year can comment on these new policies.
It is important that you either email, write a letter or ring Rachel (who is the intermediate contact on behalf of the inspector) at the council with your views.
Kevin Ward is giving EVERYONE who objected until 16th May to comment on these planning policies. Specifically if it affects the objections you originally sent as new guidelines might make them redundant.

The fact still remains the same. DO NOT DESTROY THE GREEN BELT. KEEP IT GREEN.

The new guidelines now say green belt should not be changed except in “very special circumstances”. The old one said “exceptional circumstances”.

What EVERYONE needs to do now is email, write or ring Rachel with your views on the new national policy.

Just a quick comment will do. As long as you tell them in your own words “NO DEVELOPMENT should be done on the green belt. The green belt should remain green. My objections are still valid – there are no exceptional or special circumstances to destroy it”.

Rachel’s contact details are:

Rachel Huxtable

Programme Officer

Direct line: 01942 487321


Wigan Council, Town Hall, Library Street, Wigan, WN1 1YN

The outcome of the enquiry now means that THE CORE STRATEGY EXAMINATION WILL BE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED!! until housing matters are resolved.

What happens NOW??
1. Kevin (inspector) is waiting for EVERYONE (anyone who objected to any part of the Core Strategy including YOU!) to send comments about the new National Planning Policy Framework. The deadline is 16th May.

2. After the 16th May Kevin will look through comments and if necessary arrange more hearing sessions!

3. He will also write to the council justifying why he thinks there is a housing shortfall.

4. The council expect to spend 6 MONTHS looking into new options. They will CONSULT BOROUGH WIDE on new options to accommodate the extra houses. Approx 6 weeks of consultation will be allowed for any comments. New land will be released by using safeguarded land such as land in Standish, adjusting green belt boundaries or using Windfall sites (sites which have become available for development unexpectedly such as vacant industrial sites).

5. The outcome of all the above will then be either another public enquiry or Kevin will submit his final report.