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Public enquiry - What will be discussed

posted 29 Jan 2012, 12:45 by j25wigan
It's only a week off but here is a list of items that will be discussed on the 6th February.  If you have any comments about any if these items please let us know at the St Aidan's Meeting on Tuesday 31st January or via email.

Wigan Core Strategy Examination


Hearing session for Matter 7a: Junction 25, M6 Motorway, south of Wigan (Policy SP4.5)


9.30 am Monday 6th February 2012 (all day)



1.   The effect on the purposes of including land in the Green Belt

·         Urban sprawl

·         Encroachment into the countryside

·         Merging of neighbouring towns

·         Urban regeneration


2.   Other potential adverse effects

·         Increased traffic including combined effect with Landgate

·         Loss of open land / effect on character and appearance of area

·         Recreational value

·         Residential amenity

·         Biodiversity / wildlife

·         Air quality


3.   Regional Strategy

·         What does the RS say about Green Belt changes?

·         Is there a recognised need for such a development?

·         Does the proposal represent a substantial strategic change or a detailed boundary change?


4.      Quantitative need

·         Is there a quantitative need for the additional employment land at J25? 

·         Existing and proposed supply elsewhere and realistic take up rates

·         Potential effect on take up of existing and proposed employment land e.g. Landgate

·         Potential displacement of jobs from elsewhere in the Borough


5.      Site of exceptional quality

·         What are the criteria for a site of exceptional quality? What is the basis for this definition?

·         Evidence to justify a need for such a site

·         What uses are proposed and is this clear?

·         How would the proposal differ from existing and planned sites in terms of the uses proposed?  What would it offer that other sites wouldn’t?

·         How would the economic benefits differ?  How many jobs are envisaged and what type?  What are the assumptions about job densities on the site and how does this compare with other sites, particularly those used for distribution?


6.      Site assessment process

·         Were the factors used and the relative weight given to them appropriate?

·         Should location within Green Belt have been factored in at the start?

·         Does the proposal actually meet the criteria for an exceptional site in terms of visibility from M6 and nature of J25?  How will one way nature of junction affect the proposal?

·         Was sequential approach to office development in town centres taken into account?  How would the proposal sit with national policy on this (PPS4)? 

·         Overall, is there clear and robust evidence to support the proposal compared with other potential sites?


7.           Delivery

·         Is the proposal realistically deliverable?  What effect will the current economic climate and potential competition from other sites have?

·         What are the likely development costs and how would these be met?


8.           Clarity

·         Is the policy sufficiently clear about the location and extent of the area to be removed from the Green Belt?  Which areas of Green Belt would remain and is this clear?

·         Does it leave too much to a later DPD?