Sorry for the delay in publishing this but we needed to get our facts right.

We met Wigan Council's Deputy Leader and Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Regeneration on Tuesday 26th April.

The purpose of our meeting was:

1) to present an over view of the reasons for our objections and explain that the 3000 objections received are specific and relevant to the Core Strategy detail.

2) to state the M6 South of Wigan Action groups objective. This being to remove Junction 25 M6 South from the Councils Core Strategy.

The Group explained the primary points for objection:

1) 3000 members of the local community do not want the green belt down graded.

2) The Governments Planning Policy Guidance 2 (PPG2) states that development must be in the best interests of the community.

3) The Core Strategy exacerbates the already poor air quality around the A49 and the M6 slip road. We have secured the services of Dr Imran Aziz who is the Asthma Consultant at Wigan hospital.

4) The Core Strategy is a direct conflict to the Councils own Core Policies, namely, Health & Wellbeing, Opens Spaces and Green Heart.

5) The GVA Grimley report contains numerous serious flaws, such as the basic methodology ranking system. The Bell being ranked the highest in suitability.

6) The Local Development Framework states that the Council will not permit developments that would result in unacceptable levels of pollution or air quality , particularly in or adjacent to Air Quality Management Areas, such as the A49. The Unitary Development Plan also states this in its Air Quality Management Area.

The summary of this meeting was that certain actions would be undertaken.

1) Read the Groups summary report ahead of the Cabinet meeting and email comments and feedback to the M6 Group - Wigan Council by 14th June 2011

2) Present a hard copy of the Groups summary report stating the reasons for objecting to the Cabinet ahead of the June meeting - Wigan Council prior to June 2011 Cabinet meeting

3) Discuss the salient reasons for the Groups objections at the Cabinet meeting and this will appear on the published minutes - Wigan Council At June 2011 Cabinet meeting

4) Present any latent objections to the Council, via email - M6 South Team All by 31st May 2011

5) Email a soft copy, via email to the Cabinet Members ahead of the June meeting - M6 South Team 14th May 2011

6) Review Cabinet meeting agenda ahead of the June meeting and provide comments via email - M6 South Team When posted to Councils web site prior to June Cabinet meeting

Next steps

1.  Wigan Councils cabinet consists of 9 key members who have the power to vote out SP4 M6 South of Wigan from the Core Strategy.  They meet sometime in June to vote on the whole Core Strategy.  Our aim is to highlight to them our objections in the hope they will remove SP4 M6 South of Wigan from the Core Strategy.

2.  We have emailed a statement to all 9 members of the cabinet as follows:


We are members of the M6 South of Wigan Action Group who are opposed to the down grading of green belt land and the logistics and commercial development of the area.

You are due to attend a Cabinet meeting at the beginning of June. The agenda will cover the Core Strategy for Wigan Council, specifically SP4.

During the 2nd consultation on the Core Policy, 3000 residents from the local community have voiced their objection to the down grading of the green belt land.

We are asking you to confirm that you will vote to have Junction 25 M6 South of Wigan removed from the Core Strategy.

Please confirm prior to the Cabinet meeting, via e-mail, that you will vote to remove this element of the Core Strategy.

Yours sincerely

M6 South of Wigan Action Group

3.  Attached to this email is an objection summary that can be viewed here.

4.  We are also planning to visit each cabinet member during their council surgeries which occurs at various times of the week.  This will allow us to have a face to face discussion about our objections.

5.  We NEED any volunteers who have spare time and are willing to chat with some of our cabinet members  Due to work commitments we cannot visit them all.  If anyone can help please contact us on j25wigan@gmail.com

6.  Our next stage is to contact all 75 councillors and send them our summary of objections.  This will only happen as stated above on 14th May.  The reason being is that new councillors get elected on 5th May and it will take a few days for the dust to settle.