The deadline to object is 23rd December 2016 - Act now!
"Objection to Draft GMSF 28.7.1 M6C1 Junction 25 Wigan"

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Here are some areas to cover

1.    Traffic chaos

Our roads are already a bottleneck.


2.    Air pollution

We are already in one of the worst air quality zones in the borough.


3.    Schools

We don't have the capacity to support an influx of children in our local schools.


4.    Services

Our local GPs, dentists are already at breaking point.


5.    Urban sprawl/Merging of towns

Any more building on our green belt with merge us with Ashton-In-Makerfield.

Our green buffer should remain green to keep the boundaries apart.

The council say that the M6 J25 slip road is a barrier, it is NOT.

6.    Flood risks

The land has already been developed enough. More buildings will increase the flooding risk of the area. No water can run off properly. Look what has happened recently to the Marus Bridge island since it was changed to traffic lights. For the first time in 47 years it flooded.

7.    Light pollution / Noise pollution

Big warehouses mean large scale lighting. You won't need street lamps when these things are in operation.

Expect beep beep beep or HGVs and loaders 24 hours a day.

8.    Downgrading green belt land opens the area up to ANY potential development.

Once land gets downgraded developers can change their mind on the type of development to be used.


There are many more which you will probably be aware of.

Just write what YOU think!


All comments MUST BE RECEIVED BY 17:00 on 23rd December 2016