The deadline to object ended on 16th January 2017
We now have to wait for GMSF's response!

"Objection to Draft GMSF 28.7.1 M6C1 Junction 25 Wigan"

Sample Objection Letters
How to object to the housing/industrial/offices proposal (see below for what to write)

Ways to object:

Objections are to the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities (GMCA) - NOT Wigan Council. Wigan Council put site suggestions to the GMCA in 2015 which included M6 Junction 25. Anything sent to Wigan Council will not be classed as an objection!

Every adult in your household can write their own objection!

Option 1 - Email

You can email your comments to Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Please title your subject as "Objection to M6 Junction 25 Wigan" or “Objection to Draft GMSF 28.7.1 M6C1 Junction 25 Wigan”. Include your name and address in the body of the email. Type your reasons for objecting (ideas listed below) and then send to

Option 2 - Post

Get a plain piece of paper or writing paper.  Put your name, full address (clearly) on the top and write a title such as "Objection to M6 Junction 25 Wigan" or “Objection to Draft GMSF 28.7.1 M6C1 Junction 25 Wigan”.  Write your opinions on why you think it’s a bad idea.  Ideas on what to write are listed below.

Where to send your hand written comments:

Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA

Option 3 - GMCA web portal

You can register a free account on the consultation portal at Greater Manchester’s Spatial Framework web site.  Here you can also read existing comments people have submitted. You can submit your comments online here.  Go to to access the portal.


Option 4 - Do NOTHING

Not the best idea!  If enough don't object then the council will see us as being a soft touch and we COULD be a chosen site for development. Remember 3 years ago the M6 South of Wigan Action Group and the local community objected to various attempts to use the green belt for development and we WON.

Everyone’s comments (email, postal or online) should "eventually" appear on the consultation portal!

What to write:

Please write in your own words why you think taking the land out of green belt would be a bad idea for the area.  Examples are traffic congestion, urban sprawl, pollution, flood risks, lack of supporting services (doctors, police, dentists, schools etc...), loss of green belt, feel good factor or anything else.  Something else to note is that if the land gets downgraded from green belt to safeguarded or brownfield land then ANYTHING can be put on it. The council may say industrial development; they may say houses but once land is downgraded they can change their mind and develop if for other purposes.

If you want some details, have a look at the Wigan Council Core Strategy Inspectors Report 2013

The report that basically told Wigan Council to remove M6 Junction 25 from any development plans until 2026. Page 16 (section 64) to page 19 (section 83) relates to M6 J25. Extracted section here.

Use the report to help you write your objections. Alternatively look at some example subjects below. 

All you need to do is put a few words down which covers some of these points:


1.    Traffic chaos

Our roads are already a bottleneck.


2.    Air pollution

We are already in one of the worst air quality zones in the borough.


3.    Schools

We don't have the capacity to support an influx of children in our local schools.


4.    Services

Our local GPs, dentists are already at breaking point.


5.    Urban sprawl/Merging of towns

Any more building on our green belt with merge us with Ashton-In-Makerfield.

Our green buffer should remain green to keep the boundaries apart.

The council say that the M6 J25 slip road is a barrier, it is NOT.

6.    Flood risks

The land has already been developed enough. More buildings will increase the flooding risk of the area. No water can run off properly. Look what has happened recently to the Marus Bridge island since it was changed to traffic lights. For the first time in 47 years it flooded.

7.    Light pollution / Noise pollution

Big warehouses mean large scale lighting. You won't need street lamps when these things are in operation.

Expect beep beep beep or HGVs and loaders 24 hours a day.

8.    Downgrading green belt land opens the area up to ANY potential development.

Once land gets downgraded developers can change their mind on the type of development to be used.


There are many more which you will probably be aware of.

Just write what YOU think!


All comments MUST BE RECEIVED BY 23:59 16th January 2017


A message to any spies.  We are not publishing all our reasons here.

We will keep some things close to our chest so you can't come up with an excuse to counteract them. We know the score and have experienced first hand during the public enquiry the tactics others will go through to justify the land release.